About Us

Founded in 2021, we are a young and growing company looking to build ourselves into the foundation of the Milwaukee community.

We believe that people are what makes a company successful and exciting. That’s why Lifestyle Marketing is a place where culture and growth are prioritized. If you are looking for a fun place to work in an energetic environment we encourage you to apply!

Our Focus

We’re Elevating The Game

Lifestyle Marketing focuses on two things: creating engaging and memorable experiences with our client’s ideal customer base and providing our team members with the best training and place to develop a lifelong career. Our first target ensures that we are a competitive option for our ideal clients. The second target focuses on our efforts to provide a workplace that gives our team access to the best career training and development, increasing our competitive edge.

Our Company Mission & Client Vision

We’re focused on elevating the customer acquisition experience and bringing the best development opportunities to each team member here at Lifestyle Marketing.


We’re committed to helping people grow personally and professionally so they can be equipped with the habits and skills needed to create the lifestyle they want.


What kind of life do you want to live? For us at Lifestyle Marketing, we’re looking to create can’t miss experiences for ourselves and for the team collectively.


We value integrity and hard work but we are also committed to enjoying the fruits of our labor and living life to the fullest.


Meet Our Team

The Lifestyle Marketing team takes great care to exceed targets set and lead. 

Will Smothers

Will Smothers


Abdoulaye Bah

Abdoulaye Bah


Keon Miller

Keon Miller